What makes a Beach Vacation so fun

How to Make the Best of Your Vacation

It’s that time again to leave the stress and fast pace of work and home behind—but where will you journey to on your next vacation?

Jamaican Vacation

The beach has it all. Not just any beach. When you sink your toes into the sands of Negril, Jamaica you’ll know you’ve found the slice of happiness that brings visitors here day after day all year long.

Why choose a beach vacation?

Everything is better at the beach. Where else can you enjoy stunning views of the ever-changing sea while sprawling out in total relaxation? The beach is the perfect way to recharge yourself after a long winter of hustle and bustle. Lean back and soak up the sun’s warmth. Take in the scent of the ocean sprays. Feel those breezes through your hair.

Here are just some of the many wonderful reasons a Jamaican vacation awaits:

  • Time seems to stand still—Even if you do nothing but relax on your towel or chair the entire time, one day will seem like a month. Isn’t that worth it?
  • Go it alone or not—Whether you’re surrounded by family and children or running solo, the beach offers something for everyone and all day long.
  • Never a dull moment—From impromptu parties, concerts, sandcastles and water sports, you can watch from the sidelines or jump right in
  • Ride the waves—Swim, jump on a banana boat, kayak, sail, boat, water ski, jet ski, windsurf, parasail, scuba dive, snorkel to your heart’s content
  • Sand-side playing—Beach volleyball anyone? Enough said.
  • Catamaran cruising—When you’re ready to set sail, you can climb aboard a catamaran right from the beach and cruise along the coast. Stop to snorkel from the boat to see the underwater delights of Jamaica’s colorful tropical fish and coral reefs
  • Watch the sun set over the Caribbean or meander over to Rick’s Cafe to catch the locals jumping from the 35-foot high cliffs into the clear blue waters below

Have we convinced you yet? Go on—have another cocktail or simply nap under the beat of the steel drum bands. You’ll wake up feeling a world away. As you should be.