What is There To Do Other Than Swimming?

For Those Who Do Not Want To Swim

If you have booked a beach vacation at a fabulous resort such as Country Negril in Negril, Jamaica, swimming in the gorgeous water is probably at the top of your list of things to do to relax. While enjoying the water is a wonderful way to relax, there are plenty of other activities for you to pursue to make the most of your trip. Take a little time to consider some of the other ways you can enjoy the sun and surf on your next vacation.

Child Building a Sand Castle

Games on the Beach

The beach is the perfect place to engage in some beach games such as touch football, volleyball or Frisbee. The soft sand is the ideal place to play games and enjoy the warm sun. The water is right there for you to take a refreshing dip whenever you work up a sweat playing. The seven-mile beach in Negril, Jamaica offers beachgoers a wealth of activities for fun beach games. A beach vacation would not be complete without some free time playing with the family on the shore.

Water Activities

You can spend some of your beach vacation time on the water with rentals such as jet skis or boat rentals. Jet skis and water sports are some of the most popular vacation activites in Jamaica. Imagine spending a fun-filled day with the family enjoying the sensation of racing on top of the water in a jet ski. Parasailing is another adrenaline fueled activity that will create a great memory of your vacation in the tropics. Or if you’re in the mood for a lazy day on the water, rent a boat and enjoy a day exploring the area with the family. Pack a picnic and spend the day on the open water. You can even book a cruise on a charter boat in Negril to spend a lovely day enjoying the sun and surf. Consider spending a day or two of your time pursuing these vacation activites.


For some, spending the day fishing is the perfect way to relax at the beach. Charter a deep sea fishing adventure for your family and spend the day out on the open water. Fishing charter businesses allow you to charter a full, three quarter or half day on the boat, provide all your fishing equipment and may even provide lunch. Chartering a boat and enjoying the challenge of deep sea fishing in Negril will be one of the most memorable vacation activites you enjoy on your trip.

Beach Relaxation

One of the most important vacation activites to enjoy on your trip is relaxation. Plan a day or two stretched out on the beach reading, sunbathing and having a relaxing picnic with the family. A beach vacation would not be complete without some time de-compressing from your job.