Learning about Negril Jamaica

All you Need to Know About Negril

The third largest island in the Caribbean, Jamaica is known for many things, but mostly for its incredible natural beauty and unique history. Not only is Jamaica a popular tourist destination, it happens to be the birthplace and home of the beloved reggae singer Bob Marley. Jamaica was also made famous as the lush, tropical setting of Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels. In fact, Fleming’s 1965 novel The Man with the Golden Gun was set in the intimate westernmost parish of Negril.

Negril Jamaica

Little Known Facts about Negril, Jamaica

Still mostly raw and undeveloped, Negril has a population that hovers around 3,000 people. Negril derives its name from the Spaniards, who first referred to the area as Negro Eels after the black eels found along the coast. This name was later shortened to Negrillo and then to Negril.

As your driver navigates the windy lanes and switchbacks or travels the one-lane road into the quaint town—dotted with goats and chickens and other surprises—you’ll know why so many people have chosen Negril as their Jamaican vacation. You’ll get swept up in the vibrant colors, family-run stores, and rainbow-colored wares. Take an adventure tour of Bob Marley’s boyhood home tucked in the rural village where he was born, lived, meditated, and now has been laid to rest—a town owned and operated by the singer’s family.

Although Negril’s coastline is called Seven Mile Beach, it’s actually more like four miles in length, but when the soft white sands sift through your toes, you won’t be counting. Negril’s beaches are rated among the best in the world and boasts protected reef areas that are ideal for diving and snorkeling.

Feel the Beat all Night

When the sun dips low, you’ll hear the wonderful sounds of the steel drum bands or relax to live reggae shows. Visitors embrace Negril’s nightlife famous for its views of cliff divers, Rick’s Cafe and Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritavilla are two spots of the many hot spots in Negril that you don’t want to miss.

The Rasta Way

Most of all, during your Jamaican vacation at the Negril resort you’ve selected, you will wake each day to the warm ocean breezes and the crystal clear Caribbean Sea. You’ll meet locals who share a laid-back casual no-pressure approach to life. What more could you ask for?