Fun Activities For When You Visit!

Fun Activities For When You Visit Negril, Jamaica

So, you’ve decided to take a beach vacation, and you’ve chosen the exotic Negril, Jamaica as your luxury beach vacation destination. Aside from visiting the beach itself, there are many vacation activites you and your loved ones can participate in while you’re on your vacation. While staying at Country Negril, the premiere beach cottages located along Negril’s shoreline, be sure to make the most of your experience!


Scuba Diving/Snorkeling
There are natural reefs just off the shoreline in Negril, so scuba diving and snorkeling are popular vacation activites. There are several licensed scuba and snorkeling instructors, and many of them will be willing to pick you and your loved ones out, take you to the reef, and provide transportation back to your cottage. Scuba diving and snorkeling will make your time in Negril an adventure!

The clear water and abundance of aquatic life are undeniable in Negril, and tourists are welcomed by the locals to indulge in what the ocean has to offer. Tourists are permitted to go on fishing tours, as well as to fish off of certain designated spots on Negril’s Seven Mile Beach. Jamaica is home to some of the most beautiful, exotic fish in the world, so it would be a shame not to explore what this side of the ocean has to offer.

Cliff Jumping
For those seeking adrenaline rushes, cliff jumping is a must while visiting Negril. The multitude of waterfalls and cliffs lining the shore are absolutely dazzling. While it is not recommended that one goes cliff jumping without an instructor, fortunately, Negril is home to many licensed cliff jumping instructors available to help you live out one of your wildest dreams. Cliff jumping will make this one a beach vacation you’ll not soon forget.

Blue Hole Mineral Spring
One of the most elusive vacation activites: visiting the Blue Hole Mineral Spring. This natural watering hole is one of the most beautiful sites you can see while in Jamaica. It is open from 9 a.m. in the morning and is perfect for the more adventurous swimmer. The mineral spring is accessible by ladder, but for those who are keener on modern convenience, there is an in-ground pool located adjacent to the spring. When you want to take a break from the water, there is a restaurant and bar just feet away from this natural wonder.

Listen to Live Reggae
Jamaica is home to Reggae, so why not listen to authentic island music while visiting? Whether you choose to go to an exclusive Reggae club or decide to listen to the background music of Reggae at one of the many restaurants located along the shoreline, be sure not to miss out on one of Jamaica’s signature staples.

While on your vacation in Negril, Jamaica, go beyond the beach. The assortment of vacation activites available leaves you and your loved ones with no choice but to enjoy every single aspect that the island has to offer. Whether you choose to swim in the natural springs or listen to the native sounds of the island, there is no wrong way to spend your beach vacation.