Foods To Try While in Jamaica

Try the Local cuisines

Vacationing to different parts of the world are all about seeing new sights, making lasting memories, and, best of all, sampling the local cuisine!

Jamaican vacations have become extremely popular for many reasons. their laid-back lifestyle, stunning beaches and scenery, and unique places to visit and shop are only a few reasons to visit Jamaica. Jamaica has a rich history and culture, and their country’s motto is “Out of many, one people,” paying tribute to the unity of the different cultures that have inhabited the nation over the years.

Walking on the Beach

In spite of its rich history, one distinctive cuisine has emerged to define Jamaican delicacies. If you are planning a Jamaican vacation, there are several foods that you will definitely want to sample while you are there:

Jerk Chicken – By far the most popular of all the Jamaican food, and one that has made its way into Americanized versions, is Jerk Chicken. While chicken is the most popular choice, pork and fish is also an option. The mean is marinated with a mixture of island-grown seasonings, usually accompanied by hot sauce, rice and/or peas.

Plantains – While plantains can be purchased at many specialty food stores in America, the Jamaican food version kicks it up a notch. The plantains are generally prepared fried, topped with butter, salt and pepper. The result is a rich tropical taste that can be eaten as a snack or as an accompaniment to a meal.

Rice and Peas – This common Jamaican food dish can be found as a side to virutally any meal. The “peas” in this case generally refer to red kidney beans, simmered in coconut milk and local spices to give it a savory flavor.

Curried Goat – While the curry may stem from Indian influence, this Jamaican food dish is unique in the fact that the spices are added directly to the meat, rubbing them in to make the dish retain more of the flavor.

Ackee and Saltfish – Considered the Caribbean version of an omelet, this Jamaican food dish combines codfish with the locally-grown Ackee fruit, which has a bland yet sweet taste that contrasts nicely with the fish, especially when combined with onions, peppers and spices.

Bammy – This popular dish, usually served as a snack or with a meal, consists of a fried bread made from local shredded cassava root, also known as the yuca root.

Gizzada – If you are looking for a pastry dish, this Jamaican food will treat your taste buds! A gizzada is a tart shell that is filled with butter, fresh sweetened coconut, ginger and nutmeg. Its crunchy, gooey yet delightful taste ensures that you won’t be able to eat just one!

Escoviche – A popular Jamaican dish consisting of kingfish, snapper or grouper is marinated in vinegar, onions and spices that are designed to bring out of the flavor of the fish. It is an excellent way to enjoy fresh seafood with a Jamaican flair!

If you are planning a Jamaican vacation anytime in the near future, consider choosing a place that can offer you traditional Jamaican cuisine while providing a place to relax and enjoy all that Jamaica has to offer!

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If you’re looking to sample some of the Jamaican food listed above, Country Negril offers traditional Jamaican fare along with their own Country Peppa’s Bar and Grill, where you can indulge in a Red Stripe – or two!

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