Family Trips to Jamaica

Come to Jamaica, and Bring the Whole Family!

Some of the greatest family vacations can be found at all-inclusive Negril resorts in the tropical Jamaica. Not only is a Jamaican vacation the perfect playground for family members of all ages, you will regain the quality time that most busy families lose the rest of the year. Here, there’s something for everyone.

Family Vacation

And if your family is made up of young children, all the better. Your Jamaican vacation doesn’t have to be limited by a babysitter’s availability. Family-style getaways on the pristine white-sand beaches are exciting for kids, too—at any age.

While planning your next trip, here are a few questions to ask:

Accommodations – what types of rooms are available?

Sleeping arrangements can be tricky when it comes to making the whole family happy. Most families prefer to have adjoining rooms that allow the children to go to sleep earlier and the adults to be able to watch TV next door.

Some Negril resorts offer a variety of options including beachfront bedroom suites that sleep up anywhere from two to six people. Or for large groups, and families of all sizes, you may want to ask about multiple bedroom suites.

Excursions – what Kid-Friendly Excursions are available?

When traveling with children, it’s helpful to know what special services are available. Ask a staff member if they can recommend (and possibly reserve) age-appropriate excursions in and around Negril. Or maybe they can tell you where the best places are to shop or eat off the resort. Don’t hesitate to ask away!

Dining – where might we find a kid’s menu?

This is huge for families. Parents know how important it is to keep their little vacationers happy with food they enjoy. While you might be interested in sampling the local fare, it’s always good to know there are a few standard children’s options to fall back on.

Water fun – where’s the best spot for kids?

No question about it—you’ll want to check out Negril’s Seven Mile Beach. While you’re at it, look into boating excursions, sailing, snorkeling, water skiing, and more to keep your vacationers happy.

Overall, it’s impossible not to find the laid-back, tropical, and lush Negril relaxing for the whole family. Now is the time to book that Negril resort of your dreams today. You’ll leave with memories to treasure forever.