Enjoy an authentic Jamaican dish

Yummy Yummy!

Part of the fun in traveling to new places is to live like the natives do, and this involves sampling their local dishes. If you agree, don’t let your next trip to a Negril resort pass without trying a really authentic Jamaican meal that involves a simple fruit. Breadfruit.

Jamaican Cuisine

What is breadfruit?

Breadfruit dates back to 1789, when Captain William Bligh brought the fruit to the island during his second voyage here. Breadfruit is rich in vitamins A, B, C and also carbohydrates. In fact, this high energy fruit dates back to the days when it was used for British slaves in the Caribbean.

Popular among athletes

Did you know Jamaica’s own Usain Bolt—the fastest man alive—loves breadfruit? One of the highest-yielding fruit plants, a breadfruit tree can produce up to 200 fruits per season. Each breadfruit is the size of a grapefruit. This complex carbohydrate gives you an energy boost without increasing your sugar levels.

It’s no surprise then that the fruit that packs a serious punch is popular among athletes. During Jamaican-hosted marathons, runners who come to the island are eager to try the time-honored breadfruit to see its effects on their performance.

What does it taste like?

Because it is very rich in starch, breadfruit is roasted, baked, fried or boiled. It is served with Jamaica’s national dish—the ackee and saltfish—or with steamed callaloo. The taste of a cooked breadfruit is similar to a potato or freshly baked bread. When very ripe, this highly nutritional fruit tastes sweet.

Come back for more

Travelers and natives alike enjoy Jamaica’s breadfruit—and for good reason! Plan to sample it during your next trip here. Visitors who sample breadfruit cooked in Negril always come back for more.

Plan Your Great Escape!

Time For a Get Away!

Have you had a rough year at work? Does it have you pondering making an escape for some much needed rest and relaxation? Perhaps the thoughts of cool breezes, clear blue waters, and a bright shining sun are preoccupying your mind. If so, then it is time to start planning a trip to the wonderful beaches of Negril Jamaica.

Margaritaville Jamaica

Situated between Haiti and Cuba the Jamaica Island has plenty to offer. From the Blue Mountains, deep sea fishing, horseback riding, kayaking, and exquisite waterfalls there is never a dull moment. Boasting some of the freshest seafood, the local cuisine is a true experience with tropical fruits, island spices, vegetables and the famous jerk chicken.

So what are you waiting for?! If you are looking for a little seclusion away from the hustle and bustle then Negril Resort is the place to explore. We sit right on the beach. Yes, that means you only have to take a few steps to immerse yourself into beach heaven. With area bars and restaurants such as the famous Margaritaville within walking distance, there are endless opportunities to dance the night away!

Negril Country Cottage offers superior and premium rooms that provide private patios and balconies in which you can continue to enjoy the beautiful ambience from your lodging area. Including all major amenities within the rooms there is also a dining area which serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Are you convinced yet? Then stopping wasting time and book your trip today! Your friends here at this Negril Resort are awaiting your arrival.

Need to Know What to Pack to the Beach for a Week

What to Pack for the Beach

Today you woke-up excited because you realized you were only a few days away from enjoying your annual one week beach vacation. Of course, as always you have too many work assignments and outside commitments to even think about packing. Well you are in luck because this year packing for a week will be a stress free event.

Packing for the Beach

Over packing is the greatest dilemma many face when it comes to preparing for a short trip but we are here to help. The islands consistent tropical climate and comfortable temperatures ranging between 76-88°F allows for light packing. So let’s get to it, for we can’t wait to greet you here at the Negril Resort!

What to Pack

  • Shorts
  • Button-down Shirts
  • Gold Shirts
  • T-Shirts
  • Light-colored pants
  • Swim Trunks


  • Summer Dresses
  • Swim Suit and Cover up
  • Convertible Bras
  • A few inter-changeable jewelry pieces
  • One pair of strappy sandals
  • One pair of light sneakers

Other Items:

  • Travel size toiletries
  • Any medications/prescriptions
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Portable Phone Charger
  • Batteries for Camera

See that was easy enough. Most importantly don’t forget your plane ticket and ID for travel! Believe us it can happen. So pack away, and we look forward to your stay with us at the Negril Resort.

Family Trips to Jamaica

Come to Jamaica, and Bring the Whole Family!

Some of the greatest family vacations can be found at all-inclusive Negril resorts in the tropical Jamaica. Not only is a Jamaican vacation the perfect playground for family members of all ages, you will regain the quality time that most busy families lose the rest of the year. Here, there’s something for everyone.

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Learning about Negril Jamaica

All you Need to Know About Negril

The third largest island in the Caribbean, Jamaica is known for many things, but mostly for its incredible natural beauty and unique history. Not only is Jamaica a popular tourist destination, it happens to be the birthplace and home of the beloved reggae singer Bob Marley. Jamaica was also made famous as the lush, tropical setting of Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels. In fact, Fleming’s 1965 novel The Man with the Golden Gun was set in the intimate westernmost parish of Negril.

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Do Something Fun

Don’t Forget to Enjoy the Beach

Chances are somewhere on your bucket list is to sail the Carribbean sea—and if it isn’t, it should be. Country Negril wants to help you fulfill your beach vacation dream of learning the sport of sailing. Now is the time to make that happen.

Beach Vacation

The best sailing in the world is right here in the Caribbean waters, particularly in Jamaica. Picture yourself at the Negril resort you select for your next beach vacation—gliding out over the crests of the turquoise waters with the wind in your hair.

Before you embark on your vacation to Negril, consider signing up for introductory sailing lessons offered through the American Sailing Association. The Sailing Fun Experience is available every day from 10 o’clock in the morning until two o’clock in the afternoon for children as young as eight years old and up. You can acquire your fundamental sailing skills during the week long instruction tailored to meet your needs.

Start filling your bucket today by calling to book a vacation to Country Negril and asking about the various water-based activities that await. Just some of the fun you’ll enjoy in this beautiful part of the world is snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, and paddle boarding.

If you’re looking to dip into something a little more relaxing at the end of the day, simply sign up for a catamaran cruise along the Negril coast for an unbelievable view of the sunset. You can snorkel from the boat or soak up the sun on deck.

Can you hear the seaside steel drum music now while you sip your drink? Country Negril awaits. Don’t keep us waiting for too long. Take the break you deserve and delve into the beauty of this Jamaican slice of heaven.

Top 5 Attractions in Negril

Come Visit Negril’s Attractions!

Nothing says paradise like white-sand beaches, turquoise-blue waters and the beat of the steel drum bands that await you in Negril, Jamaica. To make the most of your vacation in this lush, tropical destination, consider these top five attractions (and our insider scoop) during your stay.

1.Seven Mile Beach

Touted as the nicest beach in Jamaica, Negril Beach boasts a relaxing place to enjoy the surf and sand, all day long, full of local flavor. You never have to leave the beach if you don’t want to, as local vendors will come to you to showcase their wares—from coconuts and lobster to flip-flops and wood carvings. If the sea is more your speed, you can take to the aquamarine waters by boat with a variety of water sports available. Or meander along the white beach sands that stretch for seven miles, stopping for a bite to eat at one of the beachfront cafes along your way.

2. Negril Lighthouse

Built in 1894, the solar-powered lighthouse is located on the western-most point of Jamaica on the cliff overlooking Negril. A little known secret to getting inside the tower is to ask the caretaker who lives next door. The 103 step climb to the top is worth the spectacular views and photo opportunities from this highest point on the coastline.

Negril Lighthouse

3. Elvis World of Art & Craft Negril

A visit to Negril isn’t complete without checking out the hand-carved wood pieces made by local artisan, Elvis Morris, at his shop located next to the Blue Cave Castle. Pick up your souvenirs of a Rasta man or Jamaican mama, toy drums, crocodiles, and lions, among many others. Or just browse and chat. He ships world-wide—just ask. Don’t be afraid to negotiate although be warned—these local artisans are shrewd.

4. Negril Sunset

Located on the West end of the island, Negril is perfectly situated for the best sunsets of the area. Grab your camera and cap off a perfect sun-soaked day by taking in the views on Seven Mile Beach. You won’t want to miss this romantic moment. Or you may choose to take in the breathtaking sights from any of the ocean view cliffs, especially our pick: Rick’s Cafe.

5. Rick’s Cafe

At the end of the day, there’s no place like Rick’s, perched on the cliffs overlooking turquoise blue waters. Sit back and relax to the light, airy beat of the steel drum band while taking in the views at your table of choice by the edge. You’ll be entertained by cliff jumpers, professional divers, and reggae musicians while you sample the tasty seafood and local favorites. Here the locals mix in with our guests, enjoying rum-filled cocktails and dancing on the sand into the candle-lit evening. The perfect way to unwind. Don’t forget to check out Rick’s gift shop to pick up a souvenir.