Why you should stay at our bed and breakfast

Country Negril Bed and Breakfast

It’s that time of year when we start planning our next getaway or summer vacation. Before you settle on a hotel, why not consider all of your options—such as a bed and breakfast?

Bed and Breakfast

While planning for your accommodations during your next vacation to Negril, why not stay in the Jamaican resort that knows your destination best? A Negril bed and breakfast awaits!

Here are just some of the reasons why you should consider a Negril bed and breakfast:

Less costly: In comparing the average costs of hotels to bed and breakfasts, the latter wins every time. You can save a significant amount of money per night to be used toward excursions or dinners out instead. Also, you typically will enjoy free amenities such as free wi-fi, complimentary parking and attentive concierge services, and in-room Keurig coffee and other treats instead of succumbing to those costly mini-bars.

Homemade breakfast: Who wouldn’t prefer a homemade breakfast before you take off on a day of exploring? At bed and breakfast establishments, you are greeted by your own personal chef with food made to order. Enjoy!

Negril-destination experts: Not only do you gain the extra special attention at breakfast, but your hosts know the destination so well, they’ll be happy to offer suggestions on places to go and things to see from a local’s perspective. The best kept secrets and insiders tips that you won’t find on a website are right here.

You are considered a guest, not a customer. Here is the major difference between the experience of staying in a large, highly commercialized hotel on vacation and a quaint, charming bed and breakfast. At the B&B you’ll be treated like a guest would be. This means all of those little details that add up to your overall comfort will be addressed and attended to. In fact, if you’re vacationing with a group of friends or family members, most B&Bs are happy to accommodate the whole group at once.

Jamaican Vacation Tips

Getting Ready for Your Vacation?

Want to get away from it all? Why not hit the beach? Of all the beach vacations, Jamaica is the destination of choice for people everywhere. Here’s what you need to know!

    Man enjoying Jamaican Vacation

  1. Plan your trip for “off-peak” season to avoid crowds
  2. “Peak” season at Jamaican beach resorts runs from December to April—when everyone wants to replace the cold winter season with our own little tropical paradise. During that time, you’ll pay more for the escape and have less to choose from, especially at the top Jamaican beach resorts.

    However, if you plan your trip during “off-peak” season, which is May through November, you’ll pay less and enjoy fewer crowds. Just make sure that the Jamaican Beach Resort you choose doesn’t offer limited services during off-peak.

    Jamaica does experience rainy seasons from May through June and October through November, but for the most part our climate is a wonderfully stable 75 degrees year-round.

  3. Start planning your activities:
  4. Jamaica is a vibrant, beautiful destination, boasting the most exquisite beaches in the world. Explore all that it has to offer, including some of these highlights:

    Water fun: Jamaica is a lush, tropical paradise, and the waterfalls and ocean await. Try deep sea fishing, kayaking, boating, the works!

    Land lovers, behold! Not only will you never wish to leave our pristine beaches, you should also venture out to try horseback riding and hike through the Blue Mountains for views of the Caribbean Sea.

    Cultural favorites: enjoy the fresh seafood, “jerk” spices, and bountiful array of tropical fruits. Eat locally! Imagine enjoying all of the local favorites while listening to the steel drum playing. This is home to reggae music after all!

  5. Be prepared
  6. Before embarking on your adventure, it’s handy to have all of your documentation organized, including contact information should an emergency arise and you need to be contacted.

Visit our site to get all of you vacation details in order for you Jamaican Vacation!

Conserving energy while away on vacation

Vacation Energy Savers

As you know, the shorter, colder days of winter translate into a higher energy usage. But did you know, by reducing your thermostat by only 10 degrees for eight hours, you can lower your heating bill by 15% in a year?

Energy Saving on Vacation

This winter, conserve energy during your next vacation by following a few easy steps:

You’re on vacation; let your water heater have a break, too! Did you know most of the energy used by your water heater goes into keeping your water hot in the tank? When you’re on vacation, your water heater doesn’t have to work so hard. Set it to vacation mode.

Lower your thermostat — you’ll be away; why pay for the heat when you aren’t around to need it? Definitely don’t drop it less than 50 degrees while you’re away, but even 10-15 degrees will be substantial, and much less than you probably have it programmed to operate at when you’re home. Don’t forget to program your thermostat to warm up the day you come home!

Automate your lights by using a timer. There’s no need to light your vacant home, but avoid attracting thievery, why not set your lights on a timer? This way your lights aren’t on 24×7—only at nightfall each day. Maybe in addition to outdoor lighting, you can set a few interior lights to give the illusion the home isn’t vacant. A timer works great!

For now, get unplugged! — turn off all of those electronics such as your plasma TV and computers, and even household appliances such as the washing machine and dryer. Even when devices aren’t “on,” they are still sucking energy from your home if they are plugged in.

Measure it! Does it sound too good to be true? Record your electricity meter reading and check it upon your return.

Just think of all the savings you’ll earn this winter while on vacation — without doing much more than the above simple steps! It’s enough to make you want to go away more often. Escape the cold, and unnecessary energy consumption, this winter season. And feel good about it.

Learning the Tide for a Safe Trip

Stay Safe in the Tides

Can you hear the ocean calling? The glistening blue seas at your Jamaican resort are calling your name. Whether you like to surf, and want to time your outing with the tides, or you are more of a beach bum who wants to figure out where to set up your umbrella and chair without having to move later, we’ve got it covered.

Ocean Tide Safety

What are tides?

The level of the sea alternately rises and falls based on the gravitational pull of the moon and sun. These gravitational forces create what we call “high tide” and “low tide.”

When the moon is directly overhead on the coast, you will experience a high tide. During the day, when the earth and moon rotates, every coastal location will have a high tide every twelve and a half hours or so. Typically the time between tides is approximately six hours. It’s helpful to consult a tide table, a battery-driven tide clock, or simply ask at your resort and they would be happy to tell you.

Can I swim in the ocean during my stay in Jamaica?

The ocean is the reason your beach vacation in Jamaica will be so memorable, so by all means we encourage you to enjoy it. However, don’t swim too far out and use caution if a tropical storm is brewing.

Storms or hurricanes can create dangerous conditions, even for experienced swimmers. And while our beaches and waters are generally safe, never underestimate how powerful mother nature can be. Use caution on days that predict high waves that create underwater currents. Those conditions can make swimming back to shore difficult.

If less than ideal conditions exist during your stay, you can always enjoy the pool at your Jamaican resort as a safe alternative.

Ways to enjoy the water during your vacation

Our crystal clear waters provide the perfect playground for all kinds of water sports. From sailing and paddle boarding to snorkeling and scuba diving, your greatest challenge will be how to pick what to do first. Climb aboard a cruise or ride your own jet ski to your heart’s content.

The concierge team at your resort can arrange any number of activities on land or at sea so that you can enjoy the surf in whatever way you choose during your stay—ask away!

Don’t forget your waterproof sunscreen!

Because we’re located closer to the equator than you may be used to, the UV rays are strong in Jamaica so you’ll need that sunscreen. Reapply often, especially in the water. You may not feel hot while surfing, but you’re getting more sun exposure than you think.

For children, reapply frequently and encourage them to wear googles to keep the water out of their eyes. Otherwise, children tend to wipe their faces on their towels, wiping away that ultra important protective sunscreen. Try to wear a hat when possible and use an umbrella for extended stays on the beach. We want you to relax, but not burn!

Family Activities in Negril

Spending Time With Your Family

When it comes to family fun, Jamaica offers much to experience. If you’re looking to step out on your own, for excursions off your resort, Negril is the place you want to be.

Family Vacation

Drawing families year after year, Negril offers beautiful beaches, surf fun, and spectacular views. We’ve compiled some of the favorite attractions and things to do near your Negril resort.

Get unplugged

Leave the electronics at home. In Negril, it’s all about the sun on your face and the ocean breezes in your hair—and we offer a little something for everyone. From your youngest family member looking for the perfect place to build sandcastles to older children who enjoy watersports, kayaking, and sunfish-sailing, Negril has it all covered.

Negril also offers relaxing sunset cruises as the perfect way to all unwind together. Unlike the rougher waters up north, Negril’s seas are perfect for snorkeling and glass-bottom boat rides.

Popular Outings:

Every day is an adventure in Negril. You don’t visit the waterfalls to just take pictures of them—you climb up yourself.

  • Visit Mayfield Falls
  • Black River Safari
  • Take in the famous cliff-side sunsets at Rick’s Cafe, while watching cliff divers leap off 40 foot cliffs into the sea
  • Shop around Times Square mall, bartering for unique souvenirs

Seven-mile Beach

Along this stretch of heaven, you’ll find a variety of places to eat from family-run, casual beachside places to stop for a snack to the eclectic, colorful little local stops for a sample of the local cuisine. You’ll also find a variety of water sports and boat tours. Older kids can snorkel in the coral reef, or take in the sunset while cruising the sapphire-blue seas.

Experience The Negril Cliffs

Made of old coral, the Negril cliffs, located at the southern end of the beach, are ideal for snorkeling. We don’t recommend this for families with young children, but young adults will send postcards home all about it.

Enjoy an authentic Jamaican dish

Yummy Yummy!

Part of the fun in traveling to new places is to live like the natives do, and this involves sampling their local dishes. If you agree, don’t let your next trip to a Negril resort pass without trying a really authentic Jamaican meal that involves a simple fruit. Breadfruit.

Jamaican Cuisine

What is breadfruit?

Breadfruit dates back to 1789, when Captain William Bligh brought the fruit to the island during his second voyage here. Breadfruit is rich in vitamins A, B, C and also carbohydrates. In fact, this high energy fruit dates back to the days when it was used for British slaves in the Caribbean.

Popular among athletes

Did you know Jamaica’s own Usain Bolt—the fastest man alive—loves breadfruit? One of the highest-yielding fruit plants, a breadfruit tree can produce up to 200 fruits per season. Each breadfruit is the size of a grapefruit. This complex carbohydrate gives you an energy boost without increasing your sugar levels.

It’s no surprise then that the fruit that packs a serious punch is popular among athletes. During Jamaican-hosted marathons, runners who come to the island are eager to try the time-honored breadfruit to see its effects on their performance.

What does it taste like?

Because it is very rich in starch, breadfruit is roasted, baked, fried or boiled. It is served with Jamaica’s national dish—the ackee and saltfish—or with steamed callaloo. The taste of a cooked breadfruit is similar to a potato or freshly baked bread. When very ripe, this highly nutritional fruit tastes sweet.

Come back for more

Travelers and natives alike enjoy Jamaica’s breadfruit—and for good reason! Plan to sample it during your next trip here. Visitors who sample breadfruit cooked in Negril always come back for more.

Plan Your Great Escape!

Time For a Get Away!

Have you had a rough year at work? Does it have you pondering making an escape for some much needed rest and relaxation? Perhaps the thoughts of cool breezes, clear blue waters, and a bright shining sun are preoccupying your mind. If so, then it is time to start planning a trip to the wonderful beaches of Negril Jamaica.

Margaritaville Jamaica

Situated between Haiti and Cuba the Jamaica Island has plenty to offer. From the Blue Mountains, deep sea fishing, horseback riding, kayaking, and exquisite waterfalls there is never a dull moment. Boasting some of the freshest seafood, the local cuisine is a true experience with tropical fruits, island spices, vegetables and the famous jerk chicken.

So what are you waiting for?! If you are looking for a little seclusion away from the hustle and bustle then Negril Resort is the place to explore. We sit right on the beach. Yes, that means you only have to take a few steps to immerse yourself into beach heaven. With area bars and restaurants such as the famous Margaritaville within walking distance, there are endless opportunities to dance the night away!

Negril Country Cottage offers superior and premium rooms that provide private patios and balconies in which you can continue to enjoy the beautiful ambience from your lodging area. Including all major amenities within the rooms there is also a dining area which serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Are you convinced yet? Then stopping wasting time and book your trip today! Your friends here at this Negril Resort are awaiting your arrival.

Need to Know What to Pack to the Beach for a Week

What to Pack for the Beach

Today you woke-up excited because you realized you were only a few days away from enjoying your annual one week beach vacation. Of course, as always you have too many work assignments and outside commitments to even think about packing. Well you are in luck because this year packing for a week will be a stress free event.

Packing for the Beach

Over packing is the greatest dilemma many face when it comes to preparing for a short trip but we are here to help. The islands consistent tropical climate and comfortable temperatures ranging between 76-88°F allows for light packing. So let’s get to it, for we can’t wait to greet you here at the Negril Resort!

What to Pack

  • Shorts
  • Button-down Shirts
  • Gold Shirts
  • T-Shirts
  • Light-colored pants
  • Swim Trunks


  • Summer Dresses
  • Swim Suit and Cover up
  • Convertible Bras
  • A few inter-changeable jewelry pieces
  • One pair of strappy sandals
  • One pair of light sneakers

Other Items:

  • Travel size toiletries
  • Any medications/prescriptions
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Portable Phone Charger
  • Batteries for Camera

See that was easy enough. Most importantly don’t forget your plane ticket and ID for travel! Believe us it can happen. So pack away, and we look forward to your stay with us at the Negril Resort.