Itching to get away?

Are your Ready for a Vacation

Are you indoors to beat the cold weather and dreaming about your next tropical vacation? The season is only going to get colder, so it’s time to start now! Soon enough you’ll really be itching for sunshine and warm weather, the soft sandy sifting through your toes, a frosty drink to quench your thirst.

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Negril, the Ultimate Jamaican Vacation!

Jamaican Vacation

Country Negril offers handcrafted beach cottages for those wanting an authentic Jamaican vacation feel without sacrificing on convenience, comfort or amenities. The charming rooms at Country Negril offer beautiful landscapes and private verandas, not to mention all with the modern comforts of home such as cable television, air conditioning, private showers, and much more!

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Exploring island flavor in Jamaica

The Flavor of Jamaica

Looking for incredible island flavor? The best places to eat during your Jamaican beach vacation? You can’t go wrong along the beach and cliffs with any number of local joints, so have fun exploring and tasting.

We’ve got the skinny on it all—from the best jerk to seafood to island favorites you don’t want to miss.

It’s all about Jamaican Jerk, and the secret ingredients

Jerk chicken is an art. Jamaicans take it seriously. Dating back to the 1600s, the jerk style of cooking has its roots in the British, Dutch, French, Spanish, East Indian, West African, Portuguese and Chinese cultures. It was common to jerk the pig with spices, peppers, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, and secret spices. That’s what makes it truly unique and purely delectable!

Jamaican Cuisine

One of the best places to get amazing jerk is at Bourbon Beach along 7 mile beach. Located next to Bar B Barn, the Jerk Pit here delivers smoky, spicy pork or chicken right to your plate—the best on the island.

Want some to take home? Ask for them to bottle it up for you!


Fresh, tasty, and delicious! You’ll be coming back for more. Fisherman make a good business selling their fresh catch to the restaurants all over the island. Your seafood dinner was probably caught that day.

Island signature dish

Barbecue style Jamaican food is the best in the world. It’s some of the island’s signature dishes right in Negril.

Great foods to try:

Ackee & Saltfish: a typical breakfast; very much like eggs. Tastes like curried chicken with yams, dumplings and hot bread

Patties: the beef patty is a pastry flavored with spices and usually cooked with beef. You’ll find it on the street being sold out of hot carts for on-the-go lunches for two dollars.

Those shacks and little huts on the road? Frequent them to help out the locals. One meal from you will make their day. And don’t forget to order up a Red Stripe, a great Jamaican beer, to wash it down. Or, for the men, a warm Guinness or overproof rum.

Tips for your next stress-free vacation

Stress-Free Vacation

Vacations are a time to unwind, recharge and leave all your headaches behind, right? Is it possible to have a stress-free vacation? We think so. Here’s how:

Tips to a stress-free beach trip:

Pack your swimsuit and towel in a separate bag. That way if your luggage is lost or delayed, you have all you need to enjoy the beach right away! You’ll have to buy sunscreen at your resort, which is easy enough to do.

Can you travel home with all of the shells you painstakingly collected? Some Caribbean islands do limit the number and type of shells you may take with you. You’ll be held up at the airport and this delay may affect your travel plans. Ask at your resort before you spend time collecting.

Baby powder, who knew? Sprinkle the powder on your feet and all that sticky sand will fall right off. It’s magic!

Pack a cold washcloth to wash away saltwater. Bring a ziplock bag and store the dampened washcloth in your cooler at the beach to keep it sand-free. You never know when you’ll need to wipe the ocean saltwater sting from your child’s eyes, wipe away sand off the face of your industrious sandcastle builder to reapply sunscreen, or simply provide an immediate refresher when the temperatures rise.

Stress-Free Negril Vacation

Bring colorful or patterned towels to the beach or pool to lay over your chairs. They will stand out in a sea of the white resort-provided towels so you can find your spot after taking a dip in the water. Use the resort ones to dry off though.

Worried about your stroller being stolen or accidentally taken? Worry no more. Tie a balloon to the bar (or, a filled plastic bag to give the illusion of a dirty diaper). Definite deterrent.

Pack the antibacterial wipes — you never know when someone might scrape a leg on coral or need a quick cleanup from the sand or sunscreen. Wipes come in handy in a variety of cases.

How to ease your way into a wetsuit? Easy! Slip a Ziplock bag over your hands and feet and you’ll slide right in.

Why you should stay at our bed and breakfast

Country Negril Bed and Breakfast

It’s that time of year when we start planning our next getaway or summer vacation. Before you settle on a hotel, why not consider all of your options—such as a bed and breakfast?

Bed and Breakfast

While planning for your accommodations during your next vacation to Negril, why not stay in the Jamaican resort that knows your destination best? A Negril bed and breakfast awaits!

Here are just some of the reasons why you should consider a Negril bed and breakfast:

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