Packing Your Wardrobe For Vacation

Preparing for Your Vacation

Couple on the Beach

Summer vacations are a time to escape from the hassles and work and enjoy time with family, friends, or even to take the time to relax by yourself! Because the most popular choice is a beach vacation, considering what to pack is an important part of your beach preparation in planning ahead!


Obviously, a beach wardrobe has a few essential elements: a bathing suit, a coverup, sundresses, shorts and sandals. While you may be considering a more casual wardrobe for a beach vacation, don’t exclude an extra fancy outfit or two for a glamorous night on the town or just dressing up for a fancy dinner!


Sunglasses, a beach hat and tanning lotion are a must for any beach vacation. As far as beauty products, the decision to bring travel sized bottles or full bottles of your favorite products depends on how long you are planning to stay as well as whether or not your favorite products are available in travel-sized bottles. Because of airline restrictions, a general rule of thumb is that if you are planning a beach vacation for a week or longer, it is better to pack your favorite products in your suitcase. Hint: Packing your products in ziplock bags helps to ensure that should your products leak or spill, they won’t leak onto your clothing.


Be sure to leave room in your luggage for souvenirs! Many popular beach vacation spots offer an abundance of shopping areas geared toward tourists. If you are traveling out of the country, be sure to look into customs laws as to what you are allowed to bring back as well as the amount. Shipping large items, such as native artwork, back to your home may prove more feasible than attempting to lug it through an airport.


Where you decide to spend your vacation is your most crucial decision. Relaxing and taking time to get away from the hassles of everyday life allows you to rejuvenate and come home feeling refreshed.

If you are looking to relax in the sun in a unique atmosphere all its own, Country Negril has all that you are looking for. Located on the world-famous Seven Mile Beach, Country Negril embodies the relaxed Jamaican lifestyle with silky white sand, palm trees, and five miles of cliffs overlooking the clear turquoise water.

Country Negril offers a unique touch to those looking to make the most of their Jamaican vacation with twenty guest cottages decorated with classic Caribbean charm by the award-winning Jamaican architect Ann Hodges. Each cottage offers guests a private veranda, air conditioning, cable TV, and many more amenities to make your vacation enjoyable.

Looking for something to do on your Jamaican beach vacation? Country Negril makes it possible for you to take part in activities that embody the spirit of Jamaican culture: visit an eccentric watering hole, take a personal taxi to a live Reggae show, go scuba diving or snorkeling….the possibilities are endless!

Country Negril offers vacationers the ultimate beach vacation dining experience with tradition Jamaican fare, you can choose to dine in, order room service, or have a Red Strip at Country Peppa’s Bar and Grill!

Whatever your plans are for your beach vacation, it is important to keep one thing in mind: relaxation is the key! Contact Country Negril on how they can help you make the most of your Jamaican vacation.

Fun Activities For When You Visit!

Fun Activities For When You Visit Negril, Jamaica

So, you’ve decided to take a beach vacation, and you’ve chosen the exotic Negril, Jamaica as your luxury beach vacation destination. Aside from visiting the beach itself, there are many vacation activites you and your loved ones can participate in while you’re on your vacation. While staying at Country Negril, the premiere beach cottages located along Negril’s shoreline, be sure to make the most of your experience!


Scuba Diving/Snorkeling
There are natural reefs just off the shoreline in Negril, so scuba diving and snorkeling are popular vacation activites. There are several licensed scuba and snorkeling instructors, and many of them will be willing to pick you and your loved ones out, take you to the reef, and provide transportation back to your cottage. Scuba diving and snorkeling will make your time in Negril an adventure!

The clear water and abundance of aquatic life are undeniable in Negril, and tourists are welcomed by the locals to indulge in what the ocean has to offer. Tourists are permitted to go on fishing tours, as well as to fish off of certain designated spots on Negril’s Seven Mile Beach. Jamaica is home to some of the most beautiful, exotic fish in the world, so it would be a shame not to explore what this side of the ocean has to offer.

Cliff Jumping
For those seeking adrenaline rushes, cliff jumping is a must while visiting Negril. The multitude of waterfalls and cliffs lining the shore are absolutely dazzling. While it is not recommended that one goes cliff jumping without an instructor, fortunately, Negril is home to many licensed cliff jumping instructors available to help you live out one of your wildest dreams. Cliff jumping will make this one a beach vacation you’ll not soon forget.

Blue Hole Mineral Spring
One of the most elusive vacation activites: visiting the Blue Hole Mineral Spring. This natural watering hole is one of the most beautiful sites you can see while in Jamaica. It is open from 9 a.m. in the morning and is perfect for the more adventurous swimmer. The mineral spring is accessible by ladder, but for those who are keener on modern convenience, there is an in-ground pool located adjacent to the spring. When you want to take a break from the water, there is a restaurant and bar just feet away from this natural wonder.

Listen to Live Reggae
Jamaica is home to Reggae, so why not listen to authentic island music while visiting? Whether you choose to go to an exclusive Reggae club or decide to listen to the background music of Reggae at one of the many restaurants located along the shoreline, be sure not to miss out on one of Jamaica’s signature staples.

While on your vacation in Negril, Jamaica, go beyond the beach. The assortment of vacation activites available leaves you and your loved ones with no choice but to enjoy every single aspect that the island has to offer. Whether you choose to swim in the natural springs or listen to the native sounds of the island, there is no wrong way to spend your beach vacation.

What is There To Do Other Than Swimming?

For Those Who Do Not Want To Swim

If you have booked a beach vacation at a fabulous resort such as Country Negril in Negril, Jamaica, swimming in the gorgeous water is probably at the top of your list of things to do to relax. While enjoying the water is a wonderful way to relax, there are plenty of other activities for you to pursue to make the most of your trip. Take a little time to consider some of the other ways you can enjoy the sun and surf on your next vacation.

Child Building a Sand Castle

Games on the Beach

The beach is the perfect place to engage in some beach games such as touch football, volleyball or Frisbee. The soft sand is the ideal place to play games and enjoy the warm sun. The water is right there for you to take a refreshing dip whenever you work up a sweat playing. The seven-mile beach in Negril, Jamaica offers beachgoers a wealth of activities for fun beach games. A beach vacation would not be complete without some free time playing with the family on the shore.

Water Activities

You can spend some of your beach vacation time on the water with rentals such as jet skis or boat rentals. Jet skis and water sports are some of the most popular vacation activites in Jamaica. Imagine spending a fun-filled day with the family enjoying the sensation of racing on top of the water in a jet ski. Parasailing is another adrenaline fueled activity that will create a great memory of your vacation in the tropics. Or if you’re in the mood for a lazy day on the water, rent a boat and enjoy a day exploring the area with the family. Pack a picnic and spend the day on the open water. You can even book a cruise on a charter boat in Negril to spend a lovely day enjoying the sun and surf. Consider spending a day or two of your time pursuing these vacation activites.


For some, spending the day fishing is the perfect way to relax at the beach. Charter a deep sea fishing adventure for your family and spend the day out on the open water. Fishing charter businesses allow you to charter a full, three quarter or half day on the boat, provide all your fishing equipment and may even provide lunch. Chartering a boat and enjoying the challenge of deep sea fishing in Negril will be one of the most memorable vacation activites you enjoy on your trip.

Beach Relaxation

One of the most important vacation activites to enjoy on your trip is relaxation. Plan a day or two stretched out on the beach reading, sunbathing and having a relaxing picnic with the family. A beach vacation would not be complete without some time de-compressing from your job.

5 Things You May Be Doing Wrong

5 Things You May be Doing Wrong on Your Beach Vacation

Going on vacation should be fun, or at least a time to relax and unwind. A beach vacation in particular should provide you with a chance to enjoy a different way of life and return feeling rejuvenated. Spending a week or more at beach cottages allows you to bask in the sunshine, swim in the ocean and perhaps enjoy some cocktails while you sit back in your lounge chair. Yet many of us make certain mistakes that prevent our vacations from being the restful times they should be. Let’s look at some of the most common of these mistakes.

1. Not Spending Enough Time Relaxing

Your beach vacation should be, above all, a break from your busy schedule. If you’re partying too hard or burning the candle at both ends, you are going to end up returning from vacation more tired than when you set out. It’s great to have some fun, but you should prioritize rest.

2. Choosing the Wrong Destination or Accommodations

It’s essential to make the right decision when it comes to your destination, or you will not be able to enjoy your beach vacation. Just because a place is warm and has a beach doesn’t mean it’s going to be fun, comfortable or relaxing. Renting beach cottages at Country Negril, in the famous Negril region of Jamaica is a way to ensure you have comfortable rooms, all the essential amenities and access to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

3. Leaving Unfinished Tasks at Home or Work

In order to enjoy your vacation as much as possible, you want to leave the rest of your life behind you for a while. You can’t do this if you’ve left pressing tasks uncompleted at home or work. You don’t want someone at the office to be calling or emailing you because you didn’t complete a vital project before you left. Make sure you’re truly ready to go on vacation before you get on the plane. That way you can spend time at your beach cottages without having to worry about what still needs to be done.

4. Making No Plans

Some people think that the ideal beach vacation is completely unplanned and spontaneous. This, however, can result in boredom and even stress. It’s better to plan at least some specific activities so you won’t be at loose ends on when you arrive. This is another reason to choose a resort that offers a wide range of activities. At Country Negral, for example, you can go to reggae shows, visit scenic waterfalls or engage in water sports such as jetskiing, snorkeling or scuba diving.

5. Returning Home in a Hurry

Vacations, like everything else, must end. Making the transition from relaxing beach cottages to your busy lifestyle at home can be a little jarring, especially if you don’t plan your return strategically. You don’t want to have to rush back to work the minute you get back home. It’s far more relaxing to give yourself an extra day to unwind at home. That way, returning to the office isn’t so stressful.

Prepare Yourself For A Stress-Free Vacation

Stress-Free Vacation, Anyone?

If you are ready for a relaxing vacation, you are not alone. With corporate life filling many people’s days, a beach vacation is necessary to reset the mind and return with enhanced vigor. However, you need to prepare yourself for a stress-free vacation before you even leave your city. With proper preparation, you are sure to have a perfect vacation, such as in Negril, Jamaica at Country Negril.

Woman Relaxing

Schedule Work And Vacation Dates

Make your vacation a priority, just like you would for work. Schedule your time off with your employer to ensure that the days you select do not coincide with a meeting you must attend, such as a shareholder’s meeting. Give your employer at least a few weeks notice for the time off. Once approved, make your vacation plans. Set up all the critical parts, including flight, hotel, rental car and even activities. If your employer starts to hesitate about your time off as it approaches, you can tell them that your plans are already concrete. They should respect your need for time away.

Delegate Responsibilities

To truly have a relaxing vacation, delegate responsibilities to employees well before your beach vacation. Design a hierarchy for workers to use when you are gone so they understand who is in charge of certain areas. Essentially, you are pulling yourself out of the hierarchy temporarily, but forming an alternative that keeps your employees and clients running smoothly while you’re gone. Because you are forming jobs and projects early, any clarifying questions can be asked before you leave on a relaxing vacation.

Offer A Little Contact

If you are the owner or CEO of a business, being completely out of contact on a beach vacation is just not possible. Instead, bring your laptop or cellphone on your trip. Keep it off for most of the day, but turn it on for a 30-minute block. Respond to any critical messages or allow employees to call you at that time. If they know that you are limited in your response time, they typically find another way to solve their issues successfully.

Keep Vacation Expectations Based In Reality

Don’t ruin your beach vacation by placing unrealistic expectations on it. Be prepared for flight delays, hotel room switches and possible rental car issues. If you keep a positive mind and a realistic outlook, your relaxing vacation will remain perfect otherwise. Staying stress-free and enjoying your loved ones is the main goal of any beach vacation.

It’ll Be There When You Get Back

If you don’t have everything settled at your desk before you leave, it will be there when you get back. It is not necessary to have everything finished. If a client’s account is on the line, delegate the responsibility to your top employee. For any other items, including filing, the paperwork can stay on your desk until you return. You’ll be relaxed and ready to tackle the work after vacation.

Consider Country Negril in Negril, Jamaica for your next vacation. Contact them at to see all your options. The sand and stress-free lifestyle are just a click away.

Why Choose Negril For Your Jamaican Vacation?

The Beautiful Negril, Why Not Come Visit?

Booking the perfect Jamaican vacation can take some planning, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Negril is offering some of the most impressive accommodation features that travelers may be searching to get for themselves. If anyone is wanting to experience authentic Jamaican culture, this should be at the top of their list. There are hotel options in the area that will link people up with an incredible experience. Travelers should take the time to learn a little more about the amenities that they will find here. This will give them the opportunity to explore the country and simply enjoy their stay. It will also combine to create an unforgettable experience like no other out there.

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Why Choose Jamaica For Your Caribbean Vacation?

Is Jamaica the Right Vacation Spot For You?

Looking to get away from it all and finally take some time to relax? A Caribbean vacation is the answer to all your worries! Imagine spending time among friendly people, eating delicious food, enjoying pristine beaches and natural surroundings while relaxing in an idyllic vacation spot. As soon as you book your Jamaican vacation you can start daydreaming about the rest and relaxation you’re sure to enjoy on this beautiful island.

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