Conserving energy while away on vacation

Vacation Energy Savers

As you know, the shorter, colder days of winter translate into a higher energy usage. But did you know, by reducing your thermostat by only 10 degrees for eight hours, you can lower your heating bill by 15% in a year?

Energy Saving on Vacation

This winter, conserve energy during your next vacation by following a few easy steps:

You’re on vacation; let your water heater have a break, too! Did you know most of the energy used by your water heater goes into keeping your water hot in the tank? When you’re on vacation, your water heater doesn’t have to work so hard. Set it to vacation mode.

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Learning the Tide for a Safe Trip

Stay Safe in the Tides

Can you hear the ocean calling? The glistening blue seas at your Jamaican resort are calling your name. Whether you like to surf, and want to time your outing with the tides, or you are more of a beach bum who wants to figure out where to set up your umbrella and chair without having to move later, we’ve got it covered.

Ocean Tide Safety

What are tides?

The level of the sea alternately rises and falls based on the gravitational pull of the moon and sun. These gravitational forces create what we call “high tide” and “low tide.”

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Family Activities in Negril

Spending Time With Your Family

When it comes to family fun, Jamaica offers much to experience. If you’re looking to step out on your own, for excursions off your resort, Negril is the place you want to be.

Family Vacation

Drawing families year after year, Negril offers beautiful beaches, surf fun, and spectacular views. We’ve compiled some of the favorite attractions and things to do near your Negril resort.

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Enjoy an authentic Jamaican dish

Yummy Yummy!

Part of the fun in traveling to new places is to live like the natives do, and this involves sampling their local dishes. If you agree, don’t let your next trip to a Negril resort pass without trying a really authentic Jamaican meal that involves a simple fruit. Breadfruit.

Jamaican Cuisine

What is breadfruit?

Breadfruit dates back to 1789, when Captain William Bligh brought the fruit to the island during his second voyage here. Breadfruit is rich in vitamins A, B, C and also carbohydrates. In fact, this high energy fruit dates back to the days when it was used for British slaves in the Caribbean.

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Plan Your Great Escape!

Time For a Get Away!

Have you had a rough year at work? Does it have you pondering making an escape for some much needed rest and relaxation? Perhaps the thoughts of cool breezes, clear blue waters, and a bright shining sun are preoccupying your mind. If so, then it is time to start planning a trip to the wonderful beaches of Negril Jamaica.

Margaritaville Jamaica

Situated between Haiti and Cuba the Jamaica Island has plenty to offer. From the Blue Mountains, deep sea fishing, horseback riding, kayaking, and exquisite waterfalls there is never a dull moment. Boasting some of the freshest seafood, the local cuisine is a true experience with tropical fruits, island spices, vegetables and the famous jerk chicken.

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Need to Know What to Pack to the Beach for a Week

What to Pack for the Beach

Today you woke-up excited because you realized you were only a few days away from enjoying your annual one week beach vacation. Of course, as always you have too many work assignments and outside commitments to even think about packing. Well you are in luck because this year packing for a week will be a stress free event.

Packing for the Beach

Over packing is the greatest dilemma many face when it comes to preparing for a short trip but we are here to help. The islands consistent tropical climate and comfortable temperatures ranging between 76-88°F allows for light packing. So let’s get to it, for we can’t wait to greet you here at the Negril Resort!

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Family Trips to Jamaica

Come to Jamaica, and Bring the Whole Family!

Some of the greatest family vacations can be found at all-inclusive Negril resorts in the tropical Jamaica. Not only is a Jamaican vacation the perfect playground for family members of all ages, you will regain the quality time that most busy families lose the rest of the year. Here, there’s something for everyone.

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Learning about Negril Jamaica

All you Need to Know About Negril

The third largest island in the Caribbean, Jamaica is known for many things, but mostly for its incredible natural beauty and unique history. Not only is Jamaica a popular tourist destination, it happens to be the birthplace and home of the beloved reggae singer Bob Marley. Jamaica was also made famous as the lush, tropical setting of Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels. In fact, Fleming’s 1965 novel The Man with the Golden Gun was set in the intimate westernmost parish of Negril.

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